Warriors Recruiting

Warriors Recruiting is a master recruiting engine providing On Demand Information Technology staffing for small and mid-sized businesses. We recruit Information Technology professionals for fast-growth companies with a unique Resume Sourcing Service. Warriors has catapulted many small businesses into Inc. 500, and Washington Technology Fast 50 growth lists because our recruiting formula works. Our goal is to help companies GROW with the right people at a reasonable cost. Our customers understand that real growth in the competitive IT Service industry requires a real Recruiting Solution. We are not a temporary recruiting fix, and we don’t just place a body for a big fee.

Here’s how the Warriors Recruiting Solution grows your business:


We Care

Our Solution starts with actually caring about your business.  Warriors grows your business because we become you.   We are you.   We understand your culture, we come to your office and meet your team.   We run your brief Weekly Recruiting Meeting (you do have one, right?)   We talk with your hiring managers to understand your job openings, then we sell your company and open positions accurately to the best IT candidates.  They listen to us because we are you.


We Recruit

Warriors mines our customized StaffTrak database of over 30,000 cleared IT professionals, we leverage social media platforms to tap into our IT community, and we scrub every major job board to source qualified candidates for your hiring managers.   We submit screened resumes, and schedule interviews with your team.     We can fill your funded IDIQ positions, backfill your existing staff, or we can provide qualified candidates for your RFPs.


You Hire

You hire all candidates directly to your payroll. They are your employees, not ours. We are not a temporary staffing firm. We are your Recruiting department. We can handle all of your recruiting, or supplement your current staff. All of our recruiting services are performed for an hourly recruiting fee (like your Accountant or Attorney, but cheaper). You turn Warriors Recruiting on and off as you need assistance.

Warriors preserves your business capital while your business grows. Warriors significantly increases your revenue, and allows you to focus on your core business.